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Coca-Cola and Nestle Penetrate Casino Gaming Market

In an attempt to penetrate the highly lucrative casino gaming market, leading international brands Coca-Cola and Nestle have launched a new and exclusive advertising campaign called “Advergaming”. The term ‘advergaming’ refers to the advertising of a product, viewpoint or organization through the use of video games and casino gaming, and the new campaign is expected to generate an industry worth approximately $312 million by 2009.

The online casino gaming industry has already grown by 50 percent since January 2008, and as a result, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has been keen to encourage all firms involved to continue developing it.
Iggy Javellana, the Head of business development for local search portal ‘Yehey’, says that “advergaming refers mostly to casual online games”. However, advertising via casino gaming platforms has proven to be significantly more effective than traditional platforms used for advertising, with a wide variety of businesses now taking advantage of the creative conduits provided by online casino gaming.

Javellana also stated that Yehey is confident that it too will be investing in advergaming: “We have done a few advergaming initiatives for local campaigns like the Coke mini game and some casual games we did for Warner Brothers (Superman Returns, Harry Potter, Exorcist). For us at Yehey, it’s 100 percent easier to close deals that included advergaming in the campaign.”

The advergaming program is also explained to be easy to use and understand, and can be initiated via the casino gaming website or direct download.

OCA News Editor