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New Place for Celebrity Betting

The editors that brought you are now set to release a brand new and exclusive celebrity betting website called The team has expressed hopes that by publishing celebrity betting and pop culture headlines, readers will be prompted to take interest in various aspects such as planned retirements.

The launch of the company’s new celebrity betting website is part of their recent attempts to expand the street’s main reading audience. The site will focus heavily on personal finance by trying to get readers hooked on the celebrity betting on offer. One of their most recent celebrity betting articles covered Britney Spears’ recent brush with death, which led readers into a long discussion on managing finances and long term illness.

The Chief Revenue Officer and Executive VP of, Steve Elkes, said that the idea is designed to “use that stuff as honey to bring people in. Theoretically, these celebrity news hooks will drive users to service articles that they may not otherwise seek out. This makes personal finance fun.”

The new celebrity betting site will also try to appeal to more female orientated topics, such as health and beauty. has employed a wide range of advertising and business techniques to assist with the venture. One of the celebrity betting site’s main attributes will be the contribution of Caroline Waxler, former columnist at Forbes and writer for VH1’s Best Week Ever, as the new Managing Editor. The overall attitude of the site will be, as she has described, “pop culture mixed with serious business”.

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