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Play Roulette on Your Mobile Phone using Kenny Rogers’ Platform

Do you love to play roulette? Well now you can play roulette any time and anywhere using the Kenny Rogers – The Gambler Mobile Roulette Game. Fresh out of The Gambler’s Mobile online casino gambling series for mobile phones, is the latest application allowing iphone owners to play roulette for free.

Kenny Rogers’ Mobile Gambler roulette has been designed especially for iphones, using special optimization for the iphone touch screen feature. It can be downloaded for free via the MyNumo website (, and best of all, it will allow players to win at roulette without spending or losing any money. Despite that it is a ‘play roulette for fun’ version, all those who download the game will be in the running to winning a series of prizes, including a free trip to the casino of your choice in the United States. Players can also compare their scores with other people choosing to play roulette via this platform.

To play roulette via The Gambler Mobile platform, players must select the chip value they wish to place on the board (options are $1, $5, $25 and $100) and then bet on whatever section they wish. Once the “spin” button is tapped, “Lady Luck” will spin the wheel to see if the player will win at roulette. The spins are recorded in the upper left area of the screen and the player funds in the lower center screen.
With so many people now able to play roulette on a regular basis, the game is already experiencing massive success.

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