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The American Presidency Reaches Props Betting Arena

Props betting is all about taking betting further than just the casino, and anyone with a passion for props betting knows that it can be used on practically anything with an outcome. As such, the latest scene to have been penetrated by props betting is the presidential arena and the upcoming elections. In fact, according to ButUS, the props betting odds on the presidential elections are stronger than those for the Super Bowl Patriots. Wit that said, let’s check out the odds for the different candidates…

John McCain – Belief that John McCain will take the presidency and smash the strong competition posed by Hillary Clinton is great, and the props betting odds in his favor are to die for; +300! BetUS experts say this is because he has the Republican vote in the bag.

Hillary Clinton – Hillary is a current favorite among the American public, and considered the most likely to take the presidency. With Bill behind her and possibly every woman in favor of a female president running the nation, her props betting odds are not bad: -110.

Barack Obama – Obama is considered the final serious contender for the American presidency, yet he is not expected to have the skills and experience to beat Hillary, not to mention her much, much stronger campaign. His props betting odds are: +350.
Other candidates that can be voted for include Rudy Giulliani, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, and John Edwards.

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