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Gambling on the future of Jamie Lynn Spears

All gambling talk is revolving around the so called “better half” of Britney Spears – her baby sister Jamie Lynn Spears. At 16 years of age she has landed pregnant, as she recently admitted to OK! Magazine, and living privately with a 19 year old male, believed to be the father.

The gambling frenzy over her future is based on a series of legitimate questions that everyone is dying to have answered, like who is the father? If this 19 year-old is the father, will he be tried for statutory rape? What will happen to Jamie’s career?

All props gambling sites have been hot on the tail of the latest ‘Spears family shocker’, as it is being termed, and according to sportsbook, the following sum up the odds for the possible answers to these questions:

Great gambling odds for Casey Aldridge to be charged with statutory rape – 3/1!

Varied gambling odds for the possible fathers; Casey Aldridge – 1/10, an unknown person – 25/1, and mysteriously, K-Fed – 100/1!

Gambling odds for the baby’s features are quite widespread; 20/23 for the baby to be born a boy, or a girl, 80/1 for Jamie Lynn to give birth to twins, and 20/23 for the baby to weight either over 7.1lbs, or under.

Quite good gambling odds relating to Jamie Lynn and Zoey 101; 2/3 for her to appear in season 5, 2/1 for her contract to be terminated, and 6/1 for Jamie Lynn to launch a children’s clothing line.

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