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Online casino experts offer great odds for band break-ups in 2008

2008 has already seen a wide range of well-known bands reuniting after taking time off from their hectic careers, including the Spice Girls, Westlife, and Girls Aloud. But just as they got back together, the online casino community is already betting on their chances of breaking up again. Online casino bookies and betting experts predict that pop band relationships are some of the hardest to maintain, perhaps after celebrity love affairs, and have offered the following odds for online casino betting regarding some well known bands and their chances of calling the quits.

The Spice Girls – online casino bookies offer reasonable odds for this memorable band canceling their tour once again (8/11), with a variety of past problems that they believed will come back to haunt them, such as weight issues and styling problems, especially since their “girl power” approach has well worn off since the 1990’s. Also, their latest single has suffered serious sales problems.

Westlife – hanging by threads in the music industry, online casino bookies are most confident about this boy band splitting up, with online casino odds of 8/1.

Girls Aloud – Like most TV created bands and celebrities, online casino experts are sure that the Girls Aloud movement is on the verge of coming to an inevitable end (10/3). Clinging onto their fame by the fingertips, two girls are facing alcohol problems, while the other two are being bet on going wild in other ways by online casino gamblers.

With such great odds, betting on these bands’ demise at your online casino might be the perfect way to start the New Year!

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