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Antigua Wants Money, Goes after Hollywood

Trying to fight with the United States on an international trading front, as the World Trade Organization, isn’t very easy. Antigua and Barbuda has been asking for compensations for months now, but the United States hasn’t been playing along. Antigua believes that the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has affected its economy and basically constitutes as a complete withdrawal from prior agreements made by the United States. Now, the American Music Industry is worried that Antigua will not enforce copyrighting issues in order to collect US money.

Antigua, as well as other members of the World Trade Organization, is also committed to certain agreements. Under such an agreement, countries need to enforce copyrighting laws and pay the United States for any local use of Hollywood generated content. However, now that WTO members believe that the United States is backing from its agreements, namely taking out online gambling out of Organization’s jurisdiction, they are highly egger to back from theirs. This means that Antigua might stop paying Hollywood and the entertainment industry for the use of movies of music inside Antigua.

Other countries that are also fighting for compensation might take similar action as well. Currently, the World Trade Organization has awarded Antigua with compensation of $21 million, but the United States is calling Antigua to wait and to no take action on the matter. By enacting an anti online gambling law, the United States has gone against prior international trade agreements, and it seems that the UIGEA is not only damaging the American public by cancelling its basic freedom, but it is also costing the country money in other areas. The US would do good to regulate the industry instead of banning it entirely. There’s no point of ruining international relationships for the hopeless unjust fight against online casino gambling.

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