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Poker Seems to be Most Popular Search Term

Celebrities and other figures of the entertainment industry are always popular amongst web searchers. Users go online in search of information regarding the latest celebrity scandal and the likes. However, looking a search terms popularity list released by Lycos, the most popular search term in the world has nothing to do with celebrities. Apparently, what people are most after is “Poker”. That’s right, people are after online gambling. No act or anti online casino bill can stop people from searching for poker and other casino games. People want to have fun online.

Lycos is amongst the most popular search websites in the world and the list gives an accurate assessment to the popularity of poker. The site has undergone many changes and is currently offering an informative portal for users as well as a powerful search engine powered by Ask’s platform. Taking a closer look at the figures reveals an important detail. The list had been comprised during August. What’s significant about that? Simple enough, the World Series of Poker was held during that month and people were surely looking for information on the industry’s most popular tournament.

However, don’t let that fool you. Online gambling is growing in popularity all around the world and people are constantly looking for online gambling services no matter which month it is. People are looking for an entertaining activity on the web, and online casino offer an experience like no other can. As gambling sites become safer and offers become attractive, people are heading to the casinos. Lycos’ details are not the only ones indicating such a tendency. Simply search for “poker” or “online casino” on Google and see the high return you’ll be getting. The term “Poker” yields 243,000,000 results! That’s the amount of web sites that feature poker related information and you won’t be putting information out there if there was no one looking for it.

OCA News Editor