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Online Casino Industry Gets Its Own Tube-Like Platform

It took a while, but the online casino industry has finally responded to the Web 2.0 trend that is going on throughout the internet. Web 2.0 is usually used to describe online activities that are based mainly on user generated content. Take Wikipedia or YouTube for example. Web 2.0 has its own visual characteristics as well, but it’s the fact the web surfers are creating the content that they consumer is the main issue. Now, Poker News has announced of a new Video Poker project that will bring online casino players together.

YouTube is a video content platform that enables users to share and watch video clips. The online gambling publication has decided to launch its own YouTube-like enterprise and offer online casino players a stream of video clips that involved poker playing. The site is working with PokerTube, an online venue that offers gambling video clips. Poker News will basically screen the videos and offer a dedicated channel for the publication’s audience through PokerTube’s platform. The gambling video site has become a major hit amongst online players and there are many users who are uploading their own clips into the site. You can find out about poker by watching special video, learn how to play the game, etc. YouTube is also a great place to catch the last action form world tournaments. If you don’t want to watch the entire thing or are having trouble getting access to the broadcast, then you can watch clips from World Series of Poker and more.

Online casino players are known to be highly sociable and it’s about time that the industry provides them with a decent platform to socialize. Chatting and blogging is great, but people want to be able to watch video content in the age where other online activities are dealing with Web 2.0 kind of applications. Hopefully, YouTube’s success will convince other online casino sites to joint in and offer video platform for their players.

OCA News Editor