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Guaranteed Play for Online Casino Slots

A new concept in slot playing is getting mixed reactions from the land-based gambling public. The ‘Guaranteed Play’ system was introduced in several casinos in Las Vegas during the year, but players aren’t always receptive. The concept is simple and highly reasonable – the casino promised a fixed number of hands, or spins, for your money. The player pays an agreed amount of money and gets to play a certain number of hands. While the reaction at land-based casinos revolved around whether the new system forces people to play hands that they didn’t want to play to begin with, this concept could appeal to many online casino players.

People playing at online casinos are already there and they will only head to the slot section if they plan to play. They are not just “passing through” as land-based gamblers might happen to do. Once in the slot sections, there will be players that prefer to know how many rounds they can get. If the casino promises 3 round of $1 they will get longer play time in comparison with 1 round of $3 each. While players can decide on a number of rounds in advance and regulate their gambling in advance (what we highly recommend you to do), some players do not want to be bothered by such calculations and if the casino says 3 rounds, then they want to play 3 rounds. For such players, the new concept will be great.

It is also a good way to offer people discounts and promotions. For example, instead of charging $1 times 3 for 3 rounds, the casino can charge $2.5 for 3 rounds and give players a discount for their decision to play longer. This will surely get people to spend more time at the online casinos, but it will not mean that they have to pay more. The concept is interesting and can be highly appreciated at online casinos. Hopefully, the reaction in Las Vegas won’t cause owners to reject any installment of such a playing concept.

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