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Huge Progressive Jackpot Hits Online Casinos

One of the most exciting features of online casinos is the progressive jackpot. When playing online, jackpots are what most people are thinking about; however, when it comes to progressive jackpots – it’s not most of the people, it’s all of them!

A progressive jackpot is a winning prize that keeps growing as more people play. Each player that doesn’t win – makes the prize bigger! This makes playing at the virtual casino much more exciting! Each time you play the game you are looking at a higher win, and while you hope no one else wins, you still want other people to try out their luck and make your prospect prize bigger.

WagerWorks, online casino software company who’s behind the famous Virgin Casino, decided to make things even more interesting at the online casinos and launched the highest starting progressive jackpot in history. Each progressive jackpot starts with a fixed sum and grows as time passed. This prize -from the very beginning- goes for $1.5 million pounds! And that’s only the starting point! You can image how high this prize is going to climb. Obviously, the large starting point will attract more players and the prize will skyrocket. Things are surely going to hit out at the online casinos.

“We have seen the online arena grow and grow over the last few years and feel the time is right to introduce MegaJackpots,” said Commercial Director of WagerWorks, Tom Kenny. The entertaining game is titled “MegaJackpots” and will be featured on all sites that use the WagerWorks casino platform. The fact that one software company is offering a monstrous win will surely cause other turnkey providers to consider offering a counter progressive jackpot. As with any competition, the winner is the player. More progressive jackpots are on the way and we are going to have a great Christmas at the gambling sites.

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