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3D Poker for Everyone!

What could more entertaining than playing at online casinos, you ask yourselves? Playing at online casinos that offer a 3D experience! Players have always dreamed of the possibility to play poker in a virtual environment similar to the ones offered by other computer games. Now, with the launch of Ladbrokes new Virtual Poker platform, that wish has been granted. The new online casino site bring a complete 3D environment and enables players to create a 3D figure for themselves and take that figure into the casino for some poker playing.

Sound good? That’s not all. Inside the virtual environment, online casino players will be able to talk to other gamblers via a Voice-Over-IP platform. That’s right! You can actually speak to the people playing with you. This makes online gambling more entertaining than ever! To make things even more interesting, the platform works with all players at the casino. This means that people who do not want to use the 3D poker platform can use the regular system, but still play with people that do choose to use the cutting-edge technology. What do you get out of it? Plenty of people playing together! It’s not fun visiting an online casino with no other players around. This integrating of the poker systems insure that you will always find people to play wish and tournaments are full.

If you want to picture what gambling is like in a 3D environment, you should picture something like what Second Life is offering, a virtual space where 3D characters interact. While with Second Life, the characters experience all sorts of actions – at the online casino these characters have one thing in mind – online gambling! Hopefully, the launch will make other firms interested in integrating cutting-edge technology into their gambling products and thus making our gambling experience even better than it already is.

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