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New Online Casino Bingo Platform for Launch

Bingo fans around the world will be happy to learn that a new – still unbranded – bingo platform is heading this way. Bingo has been growing in popularity ever since it hit the web. People enjoy the fact that they can play bingo without having to leave the house. Unlike poker or blackjack, bingo is game that calls of a large group of people in order to be played right. Until the internet offered online bingo services, people had to visit the local bingo hall or land-based casino to enjoy the game. However, online gambling has changed all that and people can play bingo whenever they feel like it. And they feel like all the time.

The platform will be operated by the AguaGaming group of online casinos and will feature a 75 and 90 ball version of bingo. The site will become a part of the Globalcom network, as spokesperson Greg Gomes informed the industry. “As part of our efforts to restructure our business we are going to be launching a new bingo room shortly on the Globalcom network and it will be a 75 and 90 ball room with additional features,” he said. As the site launches, promotions and special deals will surely become available, as in every launch of an online casino. This is the time to keep your eyes and ears open and you might find a wonderful opening promotion sooner than you think.

Playing bingo via the internet is a different kind of experience than the one you might be used to from the bingo halls. Playing in front of the computer has a more intimate feel to it, but it’s just as exciting and highly entertaining. Bingo is all about entertainment, and online casino sites are all about supplying that entertainment for you.

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