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Low Stakes and Great Odds at Online Casino

Everyone knows that the most important thing at the online casino is the diversity of its offers. If you can’t find something you like at the online casino, then something must be wrong. As the number of players who head to the virtual gambling realm, online casinos are trying to keep up and new promotions and special gambling schemes appear all around us. One of the most intriguing of such offers is Betfair’s Casino Zero Lounge. This special gambling platform promises two very interesting features. The first being a ‘no house edge’ zone, and the second being a GBP 1 minimum required ante. Crazy, don’t you think?

The Casino Zero isn’t a new product and it’s highly popular in the countries that have the feature available to them. After all, what’s stopping people from winning at online casinos is usually the advantage that the house always holds. With ‘no house edge’, things become interesting as the player and the online casino dealer have both the same odds. Is this even possible? Looking at the countries where Casino Zero has been operating, you would find that the online casino was at the losing end of the ‘casino vs. player’ equation. The site offers four popular casino games which include Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack and Jack or Better poker. Playing becomes even more tempting when you think about the required ante – between GBP 5 to GBP 1. That’s all.

The winners in this story, obviously, are the players; however, the online casino is not really losing money. More players mean higher exposure, new business partners, etc. While online casinos are usually trying to increase their profits by making it harder for players to actually win, Casino Zero gives players a fair chance and hopes that many of them will show up. We think that this is a positive way to welcome players and a wonderful way to offer gambling.

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