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UK TV Show Becomes Online Casino Game

Usually, we are used to seeing TV shows that imitate online casino games. People who love gambling get a chance to watch their favorite games being played on TV and everyone is happy. However, sometimes it’s the online casinos that borrow ideas from Television. Strike It Lucky is a game played at the Jackpot Joy online casino. The game is based on a TV quiz show and is highly popular in Great Britain. Just now, another win record was set at GBP 141,271 breaking the former record of GBP 92,822. People are playing the game all the time and a new record will surely be announced soon enough.

The lucky winner said: “I’m just shocked. I’ve been celebrating over the weekend. It was total shock really. I had to ring and make sure that I had won. My girlfriend didn’t believe me at first. I’ve told her and my family but not my workmates yet”. Will you be the next winner? The game is popular for several reasons. First, it’s fun to play and there are great bonuses and high prices, so why not? The second reason has to do with the game being based upon a successful TV quiz show. People that grew up on the show and always dreamed to participate in it – now have the chance. During the late 80s the show was the 5th most popular show in whole the United Kingdom.

The close relationship between the world of Television and the world of online casinos will never end. After all, both mediums deal with the supply of entertainment. Some people think that gambling is about other, more sinister causes, but whenever people are gambling – they are having fun. That’s the ultimate proof for the joy and positive reinforcement that gambling offer.

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