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Poker TV Show Brings Big Names and High Stakes

NBC action television show “Poker After Dark” has something special in the works for all you poker fans out there. Big names are being rounded up for the event and high prizes are also on the list. The world of poker is entertaining and existing with many people believing that poker is the most fun gambling practice in the world. NBC knows that poker is highly popular in the United States and across the world and the show is targeted at gambling fans, poker buffs and people who like high tension entertainment. The exiting show will include big poker names such as Phil Ivey, David benyamine and Eli Elera.

All contenders bring some $50,000 to the table with them and the stakes are going to be high. Poker is not the most popular game at the online casino world without a reason. High stakes and fast actions are amongst the key features that make poker so appealing. These are the same features of the game that make “Poker After Dark” a successful show. This time, the winner is likely to leave the table with no less than $300,000! And you can watch all the action on your television! No need to travel far away to witness this poker tournament as NBC brings the action to you. What happens to the losers you ask? Well, they leave with nothing; their $50,000 ante goes to the winner. This will surely get the poker aces going hard and furious at each other.

All six participants have a combined win record of more than $25 million in poker tournaments around the world and five of them own World Serious of Poker bracelets. This is not a game for the faint of heart. If you like to play poker at online casino sites or just around the table with friends, this show is the one for you. Watch professional poker players as they battle one another, enjoy a high level of excitement and maybe even learn a trick or two.

OCA News Editor