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Play Poker – Donate to Charity

When thinking about charitable organizations and their fundraising events, Bingo, Raffles and Auctions come to mind. However, another game, which you will surely recognize, is now being used as an official fundraising incentive; the game of poker. During the past few months, several well known brands have been requested to operate poker halls for charity. This comes after new legislation accepted last year made it possible for charities to hire professional companies to operate such events. Poker, and online poker, is one of the most popular gambling games in the world with the game’s popularity keeps growing every year.

The agreement between the sides is rather simple. The professional Poker Company is hosting the event and operating it in return for keeping 35 percent of the profits. The additional 65 percent goes to charity. When thinking about it, poker has a much better chance than bingo at attracting people with funds. Bingo is considered to be a “safe” game where small sums are being risked, while poker has a more adventurous kind of image. People feel that with poker they can win large sums of money, and of course enjoy themselves to a larger extent.

While such events are more than welcomed, charity groups should watch their steps. Legislation in American is not always fund of gambling, as we, at the online casino community, are well aware. State laws should be inspected before any operation takes place. People need to know that the law protects them and that they can gamble freely and enjoy the evening. That is the only way to get people to show. Offering a safe environment for gambling with a good cause in mind will surely get people to stay and have a wonderful time out.

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