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The Osbournes Game Hit Online Casino Sites

It took a little longer than people expected, but it is finally here; The Osbournes slot machine game has arrived. Rock star Ozzy Osbourne is known throughout the world for his exceptional music career, and his family broke into the public’s awareness with airing of MTV hit series “The Osbournes”. Now, fans of the show and gambling fans altogether can enjoy the cutting-edge casino game that features the stars of the show; Ozzy, Sharon, Jack, Kelly, and even Minnie the dog are all there. Themed casino games are the still amongst the most popular online gambling attractions in the world, and this slot machine will be no different.

The new slot machine is brought to you by online casino turnkey provider Microgaming. All 120 casinos under the firm’s license will feature the new Osbournes slot machine making it available all around. MTV is broadcasting all over the world, and the people over at Microgaming decided that foreign gambling fans are entitled for the same kind of entertainment when they log into their favorite online casino. The new casino game will be featured in over 19 different languages for the entire online gambling community to enjoy.

Sharon Osbourne, the mother of the family, commented and said: “The developers at Microgaming have done a fantastic job at bringing all our family to life within the game and they’ve even managed to immortalize my beloved dog, Minnie!” If you are looking for a new kind of excitement and hoping at getting a little closer to the entertainment world, then The Osbournes games is the best option for you at the online casino. It has a 5 reel 20 pay-line slot jam and it is packed with free spins. Players can win up to $75,000 and taking all the free spins under consideration that sum can soar up to $150,000.

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