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Entertaining Platform Brings Online Casino Fun without Hassle

Gambling is about having fun online and not only about the prospect of making money. At least that’s the stand we always take. Apparently, a few more people feel the same. An interesting new site is offering a whole new gambling experience for all you players out there. The site doesn’t ask you for deposits, it doesn’t need you to place antes, but it does give out huge cash prizes! How is this possible? Well, the site concentrates on offering you a new form of home entertainment and uses a elaborate advertisement system to finance its platform.

Moola, as the site is titled, gives each player 0.01 dollars for starters. From here on you have to compete against other players and risk the money in your account. If you win, your money will be doubled and if you lose – you’re back to the starting point of 0.01 dollars. That best part is that it’s not your money you might be losing! The game has 30 different stages and if you manage to keep your head up for the duration of them all, you’re balance will be higher than $10 million! How sweet does that sound? All you have to do in order to play is watch a short commercial video and answer a question about the ad and nothing more.

This platform gives you online casino fun without you having to pay a dim. You don’t have to open your wallet and you don’t have to give any details about your bank account for credit card. Simply sign up, watch some ads and start having fun at this wonderful twist of an online casino. Obviously, this business model makes it easier for people from countries that oppose online casino gambling to enjoy the world of online gambling.

OCA News Editor