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Poker Diva to Support Online Casino Site

Poker diva Liz Lieu will become Chilipoker’s ambassador as the latter announced recently. “The partnership between Liz and Chilipoker is the perfect synergy of the inspirational poker lifestyle. Liz fits the concept perfectly. She has a flair for style and has created a unique personal image notwithstanding an aggressive and winning approach at the tables,” said Alexander Dreyfus, the founder and CEO of the online gambling group.

Associating an online casino with a familiar face is always a good thing for business, especially if that face is the face of Liz Lieu. Poker fans stay true to their own and people that know and love Liz Lieu will surely be interested to learn more about the online casino group she will be working with. The poker diva is known for her past victorious in several major poker tournaments making more than $600,000 in less than two years. Liz Lieu added, “I was very careful to find a site that I could work with as a true partner and one that had the same aspirations as myself”. Poker starts can influence the way an online casino site is handling its customers or on the nature of the available promotions. The insider’s approach can help any online gambling group become even more entertaining that it is.

Online casino sites are trying hard to find people that will indorse them and show support for their operations. However, this time we are talking about a completely different deal. Liz Lieu is part of the online casino community and the world of gambling and this will be more a business partnership then a sponsorship deal. We are in for some great entertainment coming our way with Liz Lieu and Chilipoker working together at bringing us online casino fun.

OCA News Editor