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Online Casino Bingo Creates Millionaires

Pauline Clark probably never thought she would become a millionaire. The 62-year-old grandmother from Bristol England has only been playing at online gambling websites for 2 months, but that was enough. Playing at Gala Bingo, Clark achieved a full house and won GBP 1 million making her the first pensioner to become an online bingo billionaire! We hear about poker millionaires all the time, but this is the first time we see such a large prize been taken by simply playing bingo at the online casinos. Clark said that some of the money will pay her children’s mortgages and some will be used to build up a greenhouse. What about the rest, you ask? Well, that will have to been seen in the future.

“I’m absolutely shocked,” Pauline told reporters. “My heart is still racing. I’ve played bingo for years; in fact I won GBP 6 000 in the National Game 12 years ago. However, I’ve only been playing online for two months.” Clark has brought her good fortune to the internet, as it seems. The lucky winner said that she won her qualifying ticket for the KerChingo Final Game with her very last 60 pence. She also told reporters that some time ago a clairvoyant told her that she would never be short on cash. How little did she know what that would turn out to mean.

Clarks’ big win will benefit the entire bingo market. The popularity of online bingo playing is growing all the time and more and more bingo fans head to the online casino sites. This win will show that bingo is also a game that can turn players into new millionaires, and we might see players that have never played before storm online gambling venues. It took Clark two months of playing to reach such a prize playing bingo. That’s a very short time in terms of online gambling. There’s no doubt that we will see some new faces, or nicknames.

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