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Mega Online Casino Jackpot Up for Grabs

Cryptologic is well-respected in the online gambling community. The company operates some of the most popular online casinos and offer state-of-the-art casino software for license. However, there’s another reason why the name Cryptologic rings a bell for so many online casino lover. The reason is lots of money. Now, I am not taking about the firm having lots of money, that’s nothing new in the online casino business. I am talking about Cryptologic giving gamblers that chance to win lots and lots of money.

The company’s famous Millionaire’s Club has a very interesting progressive jackpot offering. Why is it so interesting? Well, earlier this year the jackpot was won at a record of $8 million and has climbed back to $4.5 million and counting! Such huge numbers are not seen often in the real of online casinos. Cryptologic’s mega jackpot is the reason for the name being that popular and recognize throughout the industry. Online gambling is mostly played for the thrill of taking a risk, for the feeling that something great might happen, that maybe happiness is around the corner. If you’re a fan of this feeling, then you have to play this jackpot.

Just think about winning so much money. It’s almost unthinkable. If online gambling spell entertainment for you, for the reason listed above, then this is really the top of the line online entertainment. Generally, playing for large jackpots has a special vibe to it and you should try it if you never played for such sums before. A progressive jackpot is a prize pool that keeps growing as more people play the game. Be it video poker or online casino slots, the jackpot becomes bigger and bigger as more coins are popped into the virtual machine. Once a lucky gambler takes the jackpot home, the prize is rested to a minimum amount and the count starts again.

OCA News Editor