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Rock Fans to Enjoy ‘The New Rock’

We are already used to seeing the online casino industry popping in the most unexpected places. Casino firms are constantly trying to reach new audiences and the best way to do so is by sponsorship deals. We have seen internet casino logos on soccer jerseys, we saw grand sporting events sponsored by online casino sports books – and we almost saw an airline carrying a sports book logo as well. The gambling world, as far as I can remember, have looked at the entertainment industry as some sort of a sister and forming alliances with elements from showbiz was a great contributor to the promotion of the gambling business.

Apparently, PKR was thinking the same when it decided to use the Scottish “T in the Park Festival” for promotion purposes. Nothing spells ‘entertainment’ as well as music does and sponsoring a rock festival is one of the best ideas an online casino firm came up with in recent years. True, the company does not really sponsor the event, but it will show case its online casino games portfolio for the audience during the show. Sounds good enough for me, don’t you think? “Poker is the new rock and roll. So this is perfect for our user base – young and active people who love to have a great time and be social,” says Simon Prodger, marketing director of PKR.

The gambling company will build a casino attraction in the festival as part of the deal and people could experience some of Las Vegas’ magic between shows. Letting people experience the world of gambling instead of just showing them what the logo of the company looks like is a much better and productive concept. This way, people can get acquainted with the world of internet wagering and learn about the fun and possibilities it holds.

OCA News Editor