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Last Minute “Whack” Wagers for The Sopranos

As if the American public did not suffer enough with most big gambling firms exited the market, it now has to say goodbye to a true masterpiece of modern television – The Sopranos. The last episode of the popular TV show will air on June 10 and the tension is high. It is so high that several online casino sites are already offering special Sopranos wagers. That’s right; you can now place your bet on the next guy to get “whacked”. Who will it be? Will it be Tony Soprano himself? Or maybe are we going to see his beloved Doctor Melfi “sleep with the fishes”? Actually, Sopranos bets have been going on for some time and with a plotline that no one can really predict – the entertainment level is constantly rising.

A few episodes back, Christopher Moltisanti, one of the main characters on the show, was involved in a serious car crash – a car crash that gave online casino players who wagered against him at the online gambling sites a +600 return on their investment. The show is about to end and no one is safe anymore. It could be anyone or no one. Either way, the bets are on. Another tension increasing turn of events happened during the June 3rd airing. Silvio’s Dante was hit by Philly Leotardo’s crew and now hangs by a very thin line. Dante is in a come and we will have to wait for the upcoming episode to learn about his future – and about our winning at the online casino!

If you think about putting your money on Tony, then you will get a +125 return if the main character of the show happens to die. In case Carmella, Tony’s wife, or the Kids gets it – you can make between a nice return. Carmella’s death goes for +1600, while A.J gets +550 and Meadow +1100. It seems that little A.J’s future isn’t looking that bright. You can learn more about the possible wagers at the online casino sites.

OCA News Editor