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Spider-Man Wagers at the Entertainment Sections

The third chapter of the Spider-Man series hit the big screen early this month. Fans of the man in red have been waiting for a long time to see their hero once again and with a price tag of nearly $260 million, Spider-Man 3 has raised many hopes. So far, the movie has made $150 million in its opening weekend in the United States. Surely that’s a lot of money, but compared with the $115 million Spider-Man 2 made, it doesn’t seem that impressive. The movie is also getting a chilled response from critics who say that the movie is more like a daytime drama about a comic hero than an action movie for comic fans. Right now, there are many questions circling over the third addition to the Spider-Man series, with even more over the forth.

That’s exactly why the online casino community is now taking an interest in the Spider-Man series. Wherever there are questions and an uncertain future – you can bet on the industry to turn the situation into a wager of some sort. If you’ve been playing at gambling sites for a while, then you surely know that sports betting sites are not all about sports and that there are many other types of wagers waiting for you. These days, one of those wagers is about the forth Spider-Man film. Are you a Spider-man fan? Well, if you are, then this is surly the wager for you!

Actually, you don’t have to be a Spider-Man nor a comic-book fan to enjoy this new wager. If you like gambling and fell like trying something new at the online casino, then you should check the entertainment section of your favorite sports book. You would find wager such as “Will Tobey Maguire sign on to star in Spiderman 4?” or “If Sam Raimi does not sign on to Direct Spiderman 4, who will be the new director?” You can find many wagers about movies and TV series. The fun never ends at the entertainment section of the casino.  

OCA News Editor