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European Gambling Fans Get Their Own Bluff Edition

Gambling fans all over Europe will be happy to learn that the famous Bluff magazine is coming to Europe. The highly popular poker magazine will become available all throughout the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Continental Europe and Russia. The European version of the poker magazine will be titled ‘Bluff Europe’ and feature local and international poker related topics. Gambling fans can get their hands on a new copy of the poker magazine at the poker venues or through a subscription system. An SMS order and pay system will also be available for the gambling public of Europe.

Learning about the poke industry is important for every online casino fan. Being the player with the edge around the poker table is what you’re looking for, and inside information about the industry and the firms in the business will give you just that. The magazine features up-to-date information about all new contests and places to be, and you can form a solid poker schedule for your future gambling. Bluff’s June issue, for example, will include an in-depth look into the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. You can find details about the main event as well as info about other tournaments that take place under the World Series of Poker event.

In fact, the World Series of Poker will be featured on all of Bluff’s upcoming issues for the next months, as Phillip Conneller, Features Editor, mentioned: “With the World Series of Poker kicking off readers can expect a jam-packed couple of months ahead and we’re thrilled to have gathered together some of the UK’s best players for this very special issue.” Gambling magazines are a great way to keep yourself in the loop and learn more about the games you love so much. Having an offline connection to the world for online casino gambling also means that you can take your passion with you on the road and be around gambling all the time – even when you are not playing.

OCA News Editor