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New Books for The Seasoned Online Casino Poker Player

Online casino poker is a game of skill. Seasoned players have a much higher chance of taking the grand prize home with them, them novice online casino players do. The problem is – if you are that good at online casino poker, people tend to notice that and they will play differently around you. They will have fewer chances and otherwise make it difficult for you to use your skills. If you are a professional poker player, then you should keep reading. Two new books that address this problem were released recently. Sometimes, even seasoned players are having a though time at the online casinos, and these books are here to help you materialize your skills and make your online gambling experience into true entertainment.

The first one is “Winning in Though Hold’em Games: Short-Handed and High Stakes Concepts and Theory for Limit Hold’em”, and the second is titled “Play Poker Like a Pigeon And Take The Money Home”, and isn’t that what online casino gambling all about – taking the money home? The books offer specific guidelines on how to protect your skills and how to use them to the best advantage. Circumstances change and people tend to become undecided at the online casino table. The books show you how to overcome such situations when playing online casino poker, and they are highly recommended.

In the books, you will find various charts and strategy tables that will help you form your own strategy. This is highly important, so you will know how to act in any situation and no one can surprise you during an ongoing online casino poker game. Everything is indexed properly, so if you need a quick “hand” when playing at the online casino sites, you can find what you need very easily. The books are great for in-depth reading, or just for a reference during though games. The second book puts an emphasis on how to disguise yourself as a Pigeon and gives many unusual advices. It’s a very interesting read for any online casino poker fan that wants to perfect his understanding of the table.

OCA News Editor