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Online Casino Firm to Sponsor Candy Race

The mobile online casino industry is taking its publicity attempts to the max with a huge sponsorship campaign. A leading mobile online casino firm will sponsor the famous Candy Run all throughout Europe in an attempt to score some publicity points with the general public. After all, online casino gambling is all about entertainment and what spells entertainment better then a cross-Europe race? The Race will start in London on July 21st and will feature more than 100 luxury sports cars. The eyes of many motors fans, and anyone interested in large entertainment event, will be focused on the event and the sponsorship will surely increase the public awareness to the mobile online casino industry.

The online casino gambling industry is targeted at home entertainment and taking part in such events is the right way to go. People that seek ways to entertain themselves will discover the world of online casino gambling in this way, and more people will head to the online casinos. The Candy Race is considered one of the most exciting events in the world of motor entertainment, with planes, powerboats, limos and even a helicopter racing for the first place. The online gambling firm branded 15 supercars with its logo, and people will see a Lamborghini Murcielago, TVR Tuscan, Ferrari Spyder, and a Porsche 911 featuring the online casino logo.

The race will take a week to complete with a special surprise at the end. The Candy Runners will each have an envelope with a code in it, and the code that opens the safe at the final party will win the prize money that it contains. Hopefully, this will demonstrate the fun and excitement that the casino industry brings and will shed some online casino gambling sprit over the race. The entire event will be broadcast on Sky TV, which means extra publicity for the mobile casino firm and the online gambling industry as a whole. The online casino industry needs to support the entertainment industry whenever it cans, as it brings the most positive publicity that an online casino can ever get.

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