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Online Casino Entertainment a Mile High

First the Internet spread to millions of households around the world, allowing online casino sites to reach millions of gamblers. Then the online casino sites made the step over to the mobile devices and all of a sudden these millions of gamblers are able to play their games practically anywhere, in the office, at home, at the line in the bank or on the bus back home. One of the only places that was still guarded from the penetration of online casino sites was airplanes, where passengers are pretty much shut out from the world for the length of the flight.

No more. The budget airline company Flybe and the charitable online casino provider PAF have announced a deal that will give passengers access to online casino games. At first bthe games will be featured on the airline’s website, so that the activity of booking a flight and arranging for a car rental at the destination will be supplemented with the entertainment of online casino games.

As other companies, airlines and online casino sites follow suit and do the same, crossing gambling entertainment and travel arrangements online, so will the next step get closer and one day not too far from now passengers will be able to play their favorite online casino games on the plane. For now the two only get closer, but with much business sense nonetheless. The money earned at the online casino games can go towards the airfare and car rental expenses, helping the airline company make more money, the online casino draw additional players and the players enjoy five star travel arrangements! Furthermore, 20 percent of each game played at the online casino site go towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation, helping even more people around the world.

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