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West Ham United and Pinnacle Online Casino Team Up

The sports world is getting closer with the online casino world, to create an “uber” entertainment trend of sports and gambling. Another online casino has joined with an English soccer club to wear the official logo of the gambling site on their shirts in a sponsorship deal. The soccer club involved is London based West Ham United, and the online casino is Pinnacle Casino. The meaning is that soccer fans will be exposed to the alternative entertainment option of online casino gambling, and gamblers will be exposed to the soccer club from the website features.

The West Ham website will also have online casino features or a link to the online gambling site. The soccer club’s spokesperson said of the new relationship “Pinnacle Casino is renowned for maintaining the highest levels of integrity with all payout levels independently audited, exciting game play and a safe and secure online gaming environment.” The online casino has also expressed its satisfaction with the deal, saying “We’re extremely pleased to have been chosen as the exclusive online casino partner for a club with a longstanding and proud tradition like West Ham.”

Such sponsorship deals – this one will stretch until the end of the 2008-09 season, three years in total – are best looked at through the perspective of entertainment. The cross between gamblers at online casino sites and fans at soccer stadiums is extensive. For both entertainment fields these are markets that can produce terrific profits. Marketing each – soccer and gambling – to these people is best done through such relationships that benefit both sides. By bringing the word out to those who might not know of gambling or of the soccer club, and selling them additional entertainment to that which they currently enjoy, they can bring new meaning to the people’s pastime.

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