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Online Casino Parties

In every entertainment industry there are names that draw attention. The online casino business, much like the Hollywood film industry, music, fashion and others, has its own head turning name. There are numerous parties around the online casino world and many, many of them involve a girl called Rebecca Liggero. A recent splash of a party was help on Super Bowl Night, February 4, a prime time for parties in the United States, and produced a load of sexy pictures and stories, as well as after-party hangovers. Who is this mystery woman and who are her good looking girlfriends?

Liggero and her girlfriends are making waves around the online casino world with parties they either throw or just show up at that always seem to have an online casino entertainment connection. It really doesn’t get much more entertaining that hot girls in bikinis and online casino games. One result, of the more tamed ones at that, is the games of strip poker at these parties. But with bets on the table and good looking people all around, you must watch it or you will lose your partner and win someone else’s.

The ladies, Liggero and friends, are actually reporters and photographers for the online casino sites, fueling the online casino entertainment world with sleazy pictures and juicy stories. Their role in promoting online casino entertainment is unquantifiable, immeasurable, with word of mouth spreading and pictures floating around the Internet. Many are the players at online casino sites who play to win tournaments and be invited to parties where these girls, and others who operate in similar fashion, participate in. It is as sure as a bet could possibly get in the online casino industry that those parties will be a blast. Coming to your neighborhood clubs sometime soon…

OCA News Editor