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Movies and the Online Casino

The movie industry and the online casino one are two different forms of entertainment. One could fault and imagine them competing for the attention of entertainment seekers. But that will be wrong, at least in most cases. The movies and online casino industry can find common ground precisely because of their similar nature. One example of this is the hit movie of 2006, the latest James Bond version of Casino Royale. The movie drew tremendous success at the box office but has also done a service to the online casino industry, promoting gambling in a way only 007 can.

As Oscar Night nears – the 79th Academy Awards Ceremony will take place on February 25, 2007 – the common ground between movies and online casino gambling is about to reveal itself once again. This time, no more movies are planned to feature online casino gambling games, but the sites will feature movies. More precisely – betting on who will win the Oscars. The stakes are high for those competing for the awards of Best Actor and Actress, Best Film, Best Director and supporting casts. So are the stakes at the online casino sites, where gamblers may let some steam out by betting on their favorites to win or at least those they believe will be the judges’ favorites.

Betting has begun as soon as the nominees were announced. About two weeks ago, the names of Helen Mirren and others have been announced as candidates to win the Oscars. With the five names in each category and a few movie awards given out over the winter, gamblers can most definitely find enough data and form enough of a hunch to feel good about the bet they will make. Take a look at the odds posted by the online casino sites which feature betting on the Oscars and join in on this doubly entertaining event.

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