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Online Casino Offers Odds on Pamela and Tommy

Everyone remembers Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee as the rocker couple with the bad attitude and crazy lifestyle. Everyone also remembers their major breakup. A leading online casino sports betting site is offering odds on whether or not Pamela and Tommy will get back together by February 28th, 2007. Online casinos members have already begun placing their bets, making this a very popular entertainment props bet at the online casino.

Props bet in the entertainment field are always popular among online casino fans. Everyone loves to know about who is dating who or who is breaking up with whom in Tinsel Town. And when online casino players can have a hand in predicting what will happen for these celebrities’ futures, the world of star drama is even more appealing. It is definitely a way for ordinary people to be a part of the world of Hollywood.

Currently, online casino bettors have odds that Pamela and Tommy will be back by February 28th of next year at +310. For those who believe that they won’t be dating by then, online casino odds are at -520. With all of the publicity this couple had when they were together, the entertainment paparazzi will surely be following them again if they decide to reunite. The glitz and glamour of the entertainment world is hard to resist and is a part of the daily conversations among people in the US and all over the world.

What a way to get involved in the lives of Hollywood celebrities! Only the online casino could bring such an opportunity to celebrity fans! If you love Hollywood and you would like to participate in the possible future of these two famous entertainment icons, now is your chance! Play fortune teller and enjoy betting at the online casino! Who knows? You might be right, and you could win some major cash! So what are you waiting for? Check out the online casino and make your bet today!

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