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Showdown Poker Tourney Seat Offered at Celebrity Online Casino

A leading online casino, which caters to those who love entertainment and celebrities, is sending online casinos players to the Showdown Poker Tour Montreux Main Event. This event, which is part of the televised Showdown Poker Tour, will take place between January 31st and February 4th, 2007. The online casino players will be competing for a prize package of US 9,000 dollars at the Casino de Montreux of Switzerland. The package also includes a 5,550 Euro entry to the No Limit Texas Hold’em Main Event tourney, as well as US 1,600 dollar accommodation/travel money.

Just as people enjoy watching and following the daily lives of entertainment icons, so to will they enjoy watching these celebrities play poker in this major event. Poker is an exciting game in its own right, but when Hollywood stars play it, the game becomes more than just an online casino game – it becomes a show! For poker enthusiasts everywhere, it is great fun to watch the moves and skills of these famous people, and when the tourney is sponsored by an online casino, it’s even better!

If you are interested in participating in this major online casino poker tourney, you can win one of these seats through the satellites at the online casino poker room. These satellites will run over the next five weeks. This will give entry into the US 380 dollar online final on the January 7th, 2007. Online casino winners of the daily satellites will win entry into the weekly Sunday US 40 dollar final at 17:30 GMT to compete for a US 380 dollar seat in the online casinos final.

Entertainment can be found in many ways. This is one such way. Online casino poker is always a hit, and when online casino companies televise their online casino poker events, and add celebrities to the mix, people all over the world pay attention. So check out this online gambling poker tourney and see what’s happening. And if you take part in the event, you just might win! Enjoy!

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