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Online Casino Offers Props Bet on Guns N’ Roses

Sweet Child O’ Mine, Patience, Paradise City, Welcome to the Jungle, and November Rain are just a few of the classic hard rock hits written and performed by one of the greatest bands in rock music history – Guns N’ Roses. After a break from the music scene for a number of years, the band is back and already has an album in the works. And now, thanks to a leading online casino sports betting site, online casinos Guns N’ Roses fans can place their bets on whether or not they believe this rock group will release its newest album, ‘Chinese Democracy’ before the end of 2006.

This is definitely a fun kind of entertainment at the online casino.
Currently, online casino rock fans who do believe the band will release it’s album by the end of December are at +300 odds. Those who don’t believe this will occur are at -500 odds. Online casino players are used to betting on sports and other major world events, such as the World Cup, but props bets are more unusual among online gamblers. However, they are quickly becoming popular and have begun to find their own niche in the online gambling industry. While sports attract a specific audience, celebrities interest a wider range of online gamblers.

Props bets, for those online casino players who are unfamiliar with this type of betting, are wagers placed on entertainment celebrities and subjects, offering an even wider spectrum for online casino betting to online gambling enthusiasts. More and more online casino sites are beginning to offer props bets, but they can mostly be found on sports betting sites.

So if you love Guns N’ Roses, and you think you know them well enough to place a bet regarding their upcoming album, this is your chance to try and make some money. Why not combine entertainment and the online casino? It might be the best online casino experience you’ve ever had! So don’t wait any longer. Place your bets, and rock on!

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