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Upcoming Hit Video Game to Feature Online Casino Ads

For the first time in the world of online casino gambling, an online casino sports book is going to be featured on a full feature computer game. Sierra Entertainment’s Scareface: The World is Yours is going to be the first computer game to host an online gambling brand as an integral part of the gaming environment. Advertisement in computer games has become highly popular, and the online casino industry wants in. The particular online casino sports book to take part in the campaign is known for its revolutionary thinking and exciting advertisement methods.

Previously, the online casino sports book wanted to rent airplanes flying off Las Vegas and paint them with its online casino brand. The deal almost went through, however the airplanes company got ‘cold feet’ and did not want to promote online casino gambling. The new campaign strengthen the relationship between the computer industry and the online gambling one, and it also makes the connection between online gambling sites and home entertainment more clear. The online gambling community regards casino games as equal to other means of home entertainment, and this campaign will benefit the way the industry is looked at by the public.

The online casino’s brand will be spotted at several locations during the game, and the players will recognize it as they play. Advertising inside computer games is very similar to advertising on billboards or street signs. The player walks through a virtual world filled with virtual ads that promote real world products or services. The game is highly anticipated, and by using it as an advertisement platform, the online casino sports book will enjoy a very large exposure.

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