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James Bond and The Online Casino Connection

The online casino industry has been on the news for quite some time now, but this time it’s definitely good news. “Casino Royale”, James Bond’s newest movie, is already screening in cinemas all around the world, giving the online casino gamblers a good reason to celebrate. Although in the movie Bond is busy most of the time – trying to save to world, of course – there are some scenes that could be a fine source for learning some casino tricks. Most chances are you’ll never get to be as cool as 007, but in the online casino you can be as cool as it gets.

One thing you can try to learn from the Bond movie is keeping your calm and coolness in the online casino. It’s hard to compare playing online poker in an online casino to fighting the bad guys while driving a luxuriou car at the same time, but if there’s one thing that James Bond knows how to do is keep his cool. It may not always be so easy, but keeping yourself calm while playing games in the online casino will only improve your play and get you better results.

“Casino Royale” won’t be the first Bond movie that features casino-related scenes, as both “Diamonds Are Forever” (1971) and the first “Casino Royale” (1967) featured those kinds of scenes. And Bond isn’t the only Hollywood star who can provide tips for your online casino play. Ocean’s Eleven, Pulp Fiction and Bugsy are just a few examples of movies that involved a lot of casino action. So next time you’re playing in your favorite online casino site, just try to think what James Bond would do in that situation.

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