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New Entertainment Wagers at Online Casino Sites

Adopting a child from an African country is becoming a popular trend among women celebrities. With Angelina Jolie’s celebrity children, and now Madonna’s interest in adopting a child form Malawi, it’s easy to detect a pattern. Celebrities are looking for new thrills, and adopting an African child seems, to some of them, like the next big thing. Online casino sites are known for their attraction to entertainment trends, and entertainment wagers are offered at most of the online casino sports books. It was only a matter of time until one of the online casino sites refer to the new phenomena.

So who is going to be next? One of the online casino sites is offering a special entertainment wager that asks the following question: Will Britney Spears adopt a child from a country outside of North America by December 31st, 2006? If you think that you know the answer, then head to the online casino sites and place your wagers today. The odds are favoring a negative result, and give Spears the credit of acting responsibly on the issue. For Spears going through with the proposal, the online casino site gives a +450 payoff, while a negative scenario goes for -760.

Betting on entertainment wagers is great fun! If you think that you know everything about the world of entertainment, and on what goes on in the head of the starts, then these online casino wagers are perfect for you! You can place wagers on the notion of this or that celebrity having a baby, or maybe the possibility of a celebrity signing a new deal. There are many options, and you will find something like in no time at the online casino.

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