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Online Casino Style Poker at Land-Based Houses

Online casino sites that try to resemble land-based casinos can be understood. Offering the same features as a land-based casino is something that attracts more players to online casino sites, and what gives seasoned players a feel of ‘home’. However, a new phenomenon in the world of casino gambling has immerged. Casino houses are offering players a way to play poker in the same way it is played at online casino sites. This is definitely a clear sign for the growing success of Online poker Entertainment!!

PokerPro is a revolutionary way to play poker at casino houses. Players can play poker at an automated machine that does not feature a dealer, very similar to the way poker is played at online casino sites. Players are able to play any number of rounds, to discard and change cards, fold, raise and do all other poker actions they would normally perform with a live dealer – only now it is all done online casino style. This is wonderful combination of the experiences that land-based and online casino offers.

Tests showed that these kinds of poker tables are accepted by the players, and that most players are reporting a more satisfying experience. Perhaps the fact that the dealer is not real human being, makes the experience at the casino less intimidating, and people are more focused on the actual game. People that plat at online casino sites do not have to think about such things as ‘what the dealer is thinking’ or ‘what was that look on this face’. Playing against an automated machine tends to make the experience at the online casino more about the game itself, and land-based houses would like to offer such experience as well.

OCA News Editor