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First Ever TMX Elmo Doll Bought By Online Casino

The online casino operators would do anything to attract some attention to them. Just adding new online casino games is not a worthy entertainment anymore. Now the online casinos invent much more original deeds in order to make players to hear about their site and to visit there. We have already heard about a popular online casino purchasing Suri Cruise’s Bronzed Baby Poop.

So now the same online casino keeps the tradition, without giving the online casino fans to catch their breath, and provides us all with a new kind of entertainment by buying the first Tickle Me Elmo Extreme doll. In the upcoming season, this Elmo doll will no doubt be the trendiest toy. Even more, the specific doll the online casino bought in an auction was initially presented to the TV show ‘The View’ to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

Elmo was autographed by Kevin Clash, the doll puppeteer, and Mattel President Neil Friedman. Then the doll was placed for auction by “The View”, to help the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. The online casino placed the highest high offer of $4200. The CEO of the online casino was very happy that the profits from the purchase went to a good cause. He said: “This purchase is a wonderful opportunity to help a needy cause, and a great chance to generate some headlines and exposure. Elmo will have a wonderful home in our traveling museum of American pop-culture items.”

OCA News Editor