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Online casino players: the ballots are still open!

Have you already placed your vote in the first Annual Bluff Magazine Readers choice entertainment Awards? No, well, you better get on with it because the ballot boxes are closing on October 20th. As online casino player it is very important to utilize this excellent tool- the Readers’ Choice. We, the online gambrels, can often be overwhelmed in face of the abundance the world of online casino entertainment offers us. It is important that the consumers develop depended regulation systems. Granting awards according to the players’ votes is beneficial to both sides: the online casino sites and the online gamblers. If the online casinos know that they are scrutinized by their customers, they will go a long to better their service and win awards. The gamblers on the other hand provide themselves with a rating system that put their entertainment needs as top priority.

The Bluff Magazine Readers choice entertainment Awards is very specific in its orientation. It is earmarked to the poker players among all of you online casino players. The categories you can vote on are: Most Entertaining Player to Watch, Best All-Around Online Poker Room, Best Online Customer Service, Best Live Poker Tournaments and Best Poker Commentary. The poll started months ago in January and the results due to be published in mid December. You can place your votes directly on Bluff Magazine’s website.

Bluff is known name amidst the poker community. It has a large number of subscribers, readers, news stands and events. Online casino players who are also poker enthusiasts can find the magazine very helpful in keeping their poker game up to date, and in simple pleasure of reading about their favourite hobby and entertainment. Online casino gamblers will be wise to use the tools that Bluff Magazine and others like supply them, this way the fun, the entertainment (and maybe the winnings) will encrease.

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