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Poker Playing Chimp Entertainment

The online casino sites, as well as the land-based casinos, will always remain a major source of entertainment to the gamblers. Take this event, for example: the World Series of Poker. No doubt, anybody who is one way or another interested in poker, even if it is an online casino poker, would love to participate in this event. Such was the story of Mikey, the Poker Playing Chip. However, not everything is roses in a life of a monkey, and Mikey was banned from playing in the World Series of Poker due to a deliberate display of discrimination by the organizers.

But our fellow Mikey the Poker Playing Chimp has refused to let this refusal end his career. Mikey stole the show at the recent 2006 Casino Affiliate Convention (CAC), drawing fans from all over and beating a high profile online casino affiliate in a heads-up match, much to the delight of the many viewers. The convention, which was attended by hundreds of online casino industry personalities, as well as affiliates, marketing staff and online casino and poker room operators, was supposed to provide tons of entertainment, and so it did.

Surrounded by dozens of inadequately dressed promotional girls, Mikey refused to be distracted. He also shrugged off industry concerns that US Department of Justice officials might gate-crash the convention. Mikey was clearly the strong crowd favorite in the heads-up poker match and took out the match in short time. All online casino and entertainment fans hope now that he will be allowed to participate in the WSOP next year.

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