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Online Casino Buys Suri Cruise’s Bronzed Baby Poop

Maybe you the readers of these very lines are not surprised, but we, as much of a surprise is that, are surprised by the online casino world every time, over and over again. They are, the online casinos, a great source of entertainment, we cannot argue with such a fact. But in every kind of entertainment, even in the online casino, we believe, there have to be certain red lines.

However, a very well known online casino probably does not agree, as in a much-publicized purchase that could only be weirder if the subject of the bronzing was purchased instead of the bronzing itself, the online casino has bought a bronzing of the end results of newborn Suri Cruise’s very first meal. This famous online casino also holds in its collection a half-eaten corndog bought by Britney Spears and K-Fed, the Britney Spears Pregnancy Test and many other items such as the Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich.The $10,000 that was paid by the online casino for the “Suri Cruise Bronzed Baby Poop” will go to the Kristin Brooks Hope Centre.

The bronzing itself is an original work of art by sculptor Daniel Edwards. The Capla Kesting Fine Art Gallery commissioned the sculpture, and it is “purportedly cast from the excretion of [Suri’s] first solid meal…the baby poop [is cast] with a bronze finish and mounted on a base that includes a brass plate engraved with baby Suri’s name.” Well, if you do not enjoy the online casino games, maybe this story supplied you some entertainment.

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