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World Cup or Online Casino?

Maybe it’s a coincidence, but we do not tend to agree. A very popular online casino and bingo site has recorded a 30 percent increase in its activity, mostly by female players, during the period of the World Cup. At the time when all males’ attention was focused on football, women found themselves a different kind of entertainment – in an online casino.

The online casino operator says that there were more gamers who enjoyed longer playing times and were predominantly female over the two months of the Word Cup championship. On average, players spent an additional thirty minutes over and above the usual average playing time of 45 minutes enjoying the online casino games selection and a bingo chat.

The online casino’s spokesman said: “We were expecting a boost in activity over the sporting months from our female players, but not at the rate we identified. We’re delighted to announce that according to the latest Hitwise numbers we’re now within the top ten most visited websites for gambling games.” Since its launch in 2001, the online casino has signed up thousands of customers. And we cannot agree with them more: such a great entertainment are online casino games!

OCA News Editor