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Great Entertainment in an Online Casino

The online casino industry keeps growing constantly since its beginning around 10 years ago. New online casino sites emerge almost every day and more and more new games are added, all for the purpose of entertainment for their players. The numerous casinos compete with each other in an attempt to draw more new gamblers. So they come up with new entertainment promotions and prizes, promising their clients dream holidays, big cash prizes and what not. Some online casino and sportsbook sites, being even more creative than others, give the gambles the opportunity to find more entertainment on their site and to bet on more interesting things than just a horse race.

A very popular online casino and sportsbook site is now offering a rather unusual issue to bet on: whether it will or will not be publicly announced by September 30th, 2006 that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ baby Suri Cruise does not really exist? This is, indeed, quite an entertainment, don’t you think? It is not a secret that the “tomkitten” Suri, although born in April, haven’t been publicly seen yet. Even though a paparazzi agency has tried to capture the little Cruise by taking pictures from a helicopter, there are beginning to be doubts regarding the baby’s very existence.

This way, with the rumors spread among the fans of entertainment and gossip, the online casino could not pick a more “fashionable” subject to get players to bet on. A lot of entertainment expects you in this online casino and sportsbook site, and we all do hope that baby Suri is not an illusion.

OCA News Editor