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Where You Can Find Online Casino Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment and the online casino world, nothing provides more fun and excitement than betting at the sports book. Sports books are not only for sports fans, just in case you weren’t aware. There are loads of props to bet on if you love gossip and the world of entertainment. One of the best online casino sites to get some sports books entertainment is Bodog. Bodog is a world renowned site that has been servicing the betting needs of sports and gossip fans for several years.

The latest props to be added to the Bodog entertainment section include several on one of the hottest, or should we say weirdest, celebrity couples. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have appeared at the online casino more than a dozen times in the last several months. Props have been mostly connected to their baby girl, Suri, although you can find several entertainment bets regarding their marriage and probable divorce.

It seems that entertainment fans and magazines alike believe that Tom and Katie are lying about the existence of their baby girl. The fact is, Suri has supposedly been alive for a few months now, and yet no one has seen the child. Make your best at the online casino now regarding the existence, or hoax, of Suri Holmes-Cruise, or whatever her name is.

OCA News Editor