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Online Casino Poker Tournament Played by Stars

Online casinos fans of poker everywhere – ACES, the new Hollywood entertainment film, has its stars playing real poker at a leading online casino site’s exclusive poker game. Aces, one of the leading online gambling sites on the Internet, will be hosting this star-studded entertainment industry event, and online casino members of the online gaming site might find themselves playing side-by-side with some of the hottest celebrities around.

Rene Quesada, Manager of Aces, said, ‘Every one who gets to the final table will receive an Aces t-shirt and hat… and anyone that can knock out one of the cast members will get US 100 dollars credited to their account!’ With that kind of offer, it is easy to see why many online casino poker fans belonging to this online gambling site will be trying their luck to go head-to-head with some great poker stars and celebrities. Famous actresses like Sheena Chou, have been playing Texas Hold’em poker since she was a child, but says Director Daniel Zirilli is quite the poker shark as well. With such great opponents, online casinos fans will have the time of their lives playing this casino classic.

The film, a sexy thriller about three smart, beautiful college girls who decide to ride the underground card circuit in Las Vegas, and get caught cheating. What unfolds after that provides for an excellent film of wit and top-notch poker. Winners of the Texas Hold’em tournament will win an all-expense paid trip to the ‘ACES the Movie’ DVD Release Party later this summer. The online casino site sponsored the movie and will be giving away thousands of copies of the DVD at the Los Angeles event.

OCA News Editor