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Online Casino Predicts Movie Predictions!

The online casino industry is not limited to casino games or sportsbetting. Some online casino sites make their money by taking bets on practically everything under the sun – from celebrity weddings to presidential elections, from the outcome of reality TV shows to the results of high-school spelling bee competitions. One online casino has recently added another feather in its cap when it introduced a new betting campaign – gamblers are invited to predict the opinions of two famous movie critics on newly released films.

Robert Ebert and Richard Roeper are famous across the United States for their ‘thumbs-up/thumbs-down’ approach to new movies. Every week, these two cultural icons review movies and give their opinions based on the thumbs approach. A dud movie will ultimately get two thumbs down, with a great move getting just the opposite. Bodog online casino has decided to offer its players the opportunity to predict how Ebert and Roeper will rate their next batch of movies. The online casino is aware that millions of Americans take these critics very seriously and wants to give its online casino gamblers the chance to have some fun in predicting their opinions, and also make some money in the process.

In recent years, many online casino sites have become more and more mainstream by fitting themselves into American (and global) culture. Television has helped enormously in this mission and many online casino sites are household names. Movie criticism is now another field that you can find a gambling presence.

OCA News Editor