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The Ten Commandments of Online Casino Poker

Online casino poker has become so popular that many akin it to having a religious-like quality. Follow the Ten Commandments of online casino poker for a truly inspiring gambling experience. #1: Thou shall be courteous to other gamblers at the online casino poker table. Friendly and polite play is strongly encouraged at the online casino. #2: Thou shall play according to the pace of the online casino poker game. Stalling and slow-play is frowned upon. #3: Thou shall use your silencer feature to turn off other players who are irritating you. This is considered better sportsmanship than being rude or retaliating in a nasty way.

#4: Thou shall not promote your own personal business or carry out advertising for other businesses within the framework of an online casino poker game. #5: Thou shall not create more than one account per person at the online casino site. This is strictly forbidden in the gambling world. #6: Thou shall not cheat at your game of poker. Besides being totally immoral, you run the risk of being blacklisted permanently from the site and its affiliate sites.

#7: Thou shall not panic if your internet connection goes down while you are playing at the online casino. More often than not, the site has an ‘all-in’ feature as a backup for your game. #8: Thou shall inform online casino site management if you intend playing from a different location to avoid tough security checks. #9: Thou shall not give away your email address to other players. #10: Thou shall remember that poker – online or offline – is a great game and should be played, first and foremost, for FUN.

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