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Pontoon Provides Hours of Entertainment at the Casino

Everyone loves the game of blackjack at the online casino, it is fun, exciting but most of all, it’s a game, that if played properly, gives you the biggest chance of winning big. As most online casino fans already know, many online casino sites offer their players more than one variation of the game to allow for added entertainment. Some of these blackjack versions include surrender, switch and single hand. Although all these games are great and packed with entertainment, there is one online casino blackjack game that blows all others away.

The game is called Pontoon, and if you haven’t tried it yet at the online casino, now is your chance. Pontoon is basically blackjack with just a couple of minor differences. For starters you will notice that you don’t get to see the dealer’s cards at all. That means that you are basically playing this game blind. You never know if the dealer is showing a face card or if she has a 6 in hand and many people find this to be quite annoying. However, there are added bonuses that just make the game ultra entertaining.

For one thing there are two ways to hit Pontoon. The first is to get an Ace and a value 10 card, just like in blackjack. The second way to win is to pull a 5 card trick; this is when you hit 3 times without busting. A 5 card trick is not easy to pull off, but it makes playing Pontoon very entertaining. In blackjack when you get a 2/2 you generally aren’t too pleased, however, in Pontoon, starting out with a 4 means that you have a great chance to win 2:1 on your original online casino bet.

OCA News Editor